Custom Camp

(Ages 10 – 18)

We are pleased to work with you to design custom camps to meet the needs of your group. The Base Camp has all the components of a balanced program designed to give students the best time of their lives. Some examples include a focus on:

ESL: Academic preparation programs include 5 levels of English as a Second Language. Students are assessed and placed in beginner, intermediate or advanced classes.

IB SCHOOLS: Short-term programs encourage international mindedness, community engagement, English language acquisition, communication and study skills. We too believe in holistic learning and provide a unique opportunity for students to experience our culture and natural environment.

BC OFFSHORE SCHOOLS: Short-term programs combine Social Studies, English, Planning and Study Skills. This course helps international students understand the challenges and differences faced when studying in Canada.

SPORTS AND RECREATION: Our campus includes The Waterfront Marina, New Castle Island Provincial Park and our famous Sea-walk. These venues provide natural classrooms to appreciate Ecotourism, Water Sports, and Adventure Tourism.